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Not Too Far From Here

John A. Buckley

At the heart of the gospel is the news that "God so loved the world..." Those of us who know we have been claimed by that love in Christ Jesus know that human-created boundaries around that world tumble before the awesome reach of God's care. Place and faith and culture can divide, but when our marching mission orders are from one who "so loved the world," we reach in service and witness to all peoples, to all places. In the reach of God's love, everywhere is "not too far from here."

Jack Buckley - his whole life was a ministry of service - had a dream of helping others gain a new vision of an open world, a dream of salving hurting lives, a dream of meeting the presence of Jesus in stranger and in friend. How grateful we are that both old and new neighbors helped that dream live! How grateful we are that dreams which carry the seeds of God's love can come to blossom across the borders of life and death!

One way we can say "thank you" is to make sure that the mission seen in Jack's life continues. It does in so many ways! The reality and focus of Alpha Christian TourS, Inc. continues! The power that emerges from changed lives continues! And we want to introduce another ministry, a new way to move Jack's dream into tomorrow.

The John A. Buckley Endowment Fund was established in September 1999. Its purpose is to assist in ministries around the world where, as Michael Crawford has sung, "Not too far from here someone needs a little hope."* The first two endowment grants were to The Mar Elias School in Galilee, where Abuna Elias Chacour has developed a school for all peoples, where Christian, Muslim, Jew, Palestinian and Druze gather at a common table of learning and growth and peace.

Abuna Elias Chacour and Jack Buckley at the Mar Elias School

You can be a part of this outreach by sending a contribution to:
The John A. Buckley Endowment Fund
% The United Methodist Foundation
700 Waterfield Ridge Place
Garner, North Carolina 27529.

* words by Ty Lacy and Steve Siler, Shepherd's Fold Music

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