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Summer 1999

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A Season of Gifts

The Season of Pentecost is rich in meaning and symbolism, and impacts us in a powerful way. "Seven weeks had gone by since Jesus' death and resurrection and the Day of Pentecost had now arrived. As the believers met together that day, suddenly there was a sound like the roaring of a mighty windstorm in the skies above them and it filled the house where they were meeting..." (Acts 2:1-2).

And so, God gave to the people the Gift of the Spirit. It is not surprising then, that we should celebrate this time as a Season of Gifts: the most meaningful of course, being God's presence with us at all times.

As we permit this Season of Gifts to unfold for us here at Alpha Ministries there are several gifts for you to contemplate. This issue of The ACTS Accord highlights the following gifts for you:

  • Gift of Education
  • Gift of Music
  • Gift of Love
  • Gift of Savings
  • Gift to Our Pastors
  • Gift to Our Churches and/or Organizations

Take advantage of one or all of these gifts and experience anew the powerful presence of God's precious GIFT in your life.

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Gift of Education

Peace is a process and we move in that process as education enters our lives. What better way to change the status quo than to educate the children. Fr. Elias Chacour's school in Northern Galilee attempts to educate Christians, Jews and Moslems, and teach basic values which enable people to live side by side peacefully. Now, with the enthusiastic approval of Abuna Elias Chacour, founder of the Mar Elias Institutions (Kindergarten through College), Alpha Ministries is spearheading a campaign to raise scholarship funds for young Palestinian children to attend school.

Needs are great! Currently $1,400 enables one child to attend school for an entire year at the Ibillin Campus as they learn about life and history. In Middle Eastern culture many families find it difficult to send their daughters to school. Young girls have historically stayed at home without the opportunity for education. But, Abuna Chacour is changing this perception. Funds are being raised by individuals, organizations, women's groups, pastors and laity to enable children to be educated. You may even want to adopt a child, visit and/or communicate with them. Your life will be filled with new excitement and wonder as you relate first hand with your sponsored child. If you or your church, Sunday School class, or any organized group can sponsor a child (even for part of a school year) or would like additional information, please contact our office or the Rev. Trish Archer (910-762-3316).

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Gift of Music

Have you ever considered how much we can learn from studying the words of our great hymns? As we sing the stanzas our beliefs are bolstered and we often find strength in the poetry of the theological message our hymnwriters are sharing.

ACTS is pleased to offer a unique journey to Southern England & Wales on September 20, 1999 which will focus on the Hymns of Our Faith. As we visit the significant places of Charlotte Elliot, Isaac Watts, Henry Francis Lyte, Charles and John Wesley, John Newton, Christina Rosetti, Ralph Vaughan Williams and others we will remember the words of some of our great hymns: Just As I Am, Joy to the World, Abide With Me, Rock of Ages, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Amazing Grace and In the Bleak Midwinter. We will also spend time in London and see the sites of this bustling city.

Dr. William Weisser, Minister of Music, Edenton Street United Methodist Church, Raleigh, NC, will guide us through our study and teach us the universal language of music. For a brochure contact the ACTS Office.

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Millennium Travel

Give special attention to the women of faith who have intersected our lives through their strength, leadership and wisdom as we survey Old and New Testament sites where they lived and worked in the Land of the Bible.

Departures to the Holy Land include January 23, 30, February 6, 20, 27 and 29, 2000. We will join the Christians in Bethlehem as we celebrate the life of Christ in the city of His birth.

A magnificent experience awaits you as the Biblical journey of Paul, along with many classical Greek centers are highlighted in Greece. The crowning jewel of the trip will be a three day Aegean Cruise to Ephesus in Turkey.

Walk the Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrow) through this unique and powerful drama of the Passion of Christ. Feel the pain and the glory as you witness the story of our faith.

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Millennium Cruises

The eight day program with optional pre-Vancouver extension is priced to attract your attention. Ports of call include: Vancouver, Juneau, Skagway, Haines, Hubbard Glacier, and Ketchikan with return to Vancouver. Don't let this beauty pass you by; Call now for your brochure.

Our ports of call on this 11 day cruise to the Maritime Provinces include: Boston, Portland, Halifax, Sydney, Quebec City, Saguenay River Cruising, St. John's New Brunswick and Bar Harbor with return to Boston. We will also offer a three day pre-Boston excursion. Call for brochure describing early incentive discounts.

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The Gift of Love

The story is told of a visitor who came to watch the Passion Play in Oberammergau in 1980, and who was given the opportunity to go backstage and meet Antion Lang, the actor who played Jesus. As the visitor was waiting to speak with Mr. Lang, he walked over to the cross that Jesus had carried in the play. Expecting it to be made out of cardboard or balsa wood, he tried to lift it. To his dismay, he could barely move it six inches off the ground. When Mr. Lang was free, this visitor walked over to him and thanked him for his terrific performance. Then, he shared that he had one question for him: "Why, Mr. Lang, do you use such a heavy cross?" to which Antion replied, "If I did not feel the weight of His cross, I could not play the part."

ACTS is pleased to offer a variety of itineraries for 2000, all of which include an overnight in Oberammergau and a ticket to the world famous Passion Play. If you are eager to participate in one of these exclusive journeys send your registration in today. Each departure has a limited number of tickets and soon will be sold out.

All of the itineraries include overnight in the quaint village of Oberammergau where you can live amongst the villagers who dedicate so much of their lives to fulfilling the promise made by their ancestors more than 365 years ago.

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Gift to Our Pastors

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Gift to Our Churches

Alpha Ministries would like to present a gift to your church every time you book your cruises through ACTS. See the Cruise Special Insert for our "Best Fare Cruise Specials" and details on how you can give a gift to your church!

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Gift of Savings

Is your church planning an mission trip? ACTS can arrange your group air with significant savings to your church. We believe "every dollar saved is another dollar toward Kingdom building."

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From the Mailbox

Comments from recent Holy Land Travelers include:

Each day I remember something that I saw or heard on the trip that adds to my understanding of Biblical events. Your careful planning and care in the preparation for our visit made everything go so smoothly. I was very pleased with everything -- the guides, the accommodations, the food, the transportation -- and will enthusiastically recommend ACTS to anyone contemplating such a trip. Thank you for making this trip a memorable event in my life."

~ Jean from Lakeland, FL

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! The trip to Israel and Jordan was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I did not realize while I was on the trip the profound effect it was having until I got home!

I think I still do not realize all the change that has occurred in me. Primarily the "newness" of Jesus has been stirred within me! Seeing the places that He walked, talked and taught has made my faith come alive in new ways. I certainly read the Bible in a brand new way. I realized that while I loved seeing the "holy" places, I most loved the whole feel of the people and the land. Foremost, our time with Abuna Chacour was the changing experience for me. I believe I saw in him the Jesus that we read about in the Bible and that we know walked the land. Abuna spoke the words that I believe Jesus speaks to us!"

~ Trish from Wilmington, NC

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