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Winter 1999

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ACTS Office:
621 Macon Place
Raleigh, NC 27609
919-783-8747 fax


A ray of hope flickers in the sky.
A tiny star lights up way up high.
All across the land dawns a brand new morn.
This comes to pass when a Child is born.

A silent wish sails the seven seas.
The winds of change whisper in the trees.
And the walls of doubt crumble, tossed and torn.
This comes to pass when a Child is born.

A rosey hue settles all around.
You've got to feel you're on solid ground.
For a spell or two, no one seems forlorn.
This comes to pass when a Child is born.

When a Child is Born by Kenny Rodgers

May God be revealed to you
during this Epiphany season
in a new way!

A New Dawn for ACTS

Alpha Christian TourS is in it's third year of operation. Our organization of clergy and laity is building a solid base of operation with dedicated travel hosts and travel representatives. Our goal is to bring you a "hassle free" journey wherever your destination may be. We will know you by name and treat you with respect. We believe the "Golden Rule" (see separate article) applies to your travel as it does to each facet of life. We have company representatives escorting each group to enable you to feel comfortable when you are away from home. You will always travel with a small congenial group of travelers who are looking for "something special." As you can see from the Journeys on the Horizon we have expanded our worldwide travel menu. Although holy land is our deep love and attracts many passengers, we are always excited when we can add another destination.

ACTS is happy to accommodate the experienced travel host in customizing their trip. We obviously believe that you should travel to the places which interest you rather than our directing where you should go.

The enclosed brochure describing an Alternative Way to Travel is for your consideration. Read it carefully and then decide to come and travel with us. You will not be disappointed.

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Palestinian Feature

Do you understand the Palestinian Issue? Do you know any Palestinian people or is your awareness limited to what you see on television? If you answer YES to these questions, you should consider making a journey to The Land of the Bible, where the Palestinian people live. You will see their lifestyle first hand. You will rejoice with them in their accomplishments and weep with them in their sorrows. You will come to know them as people and see their children as you see other children around the world; children with dreams, hopes and expectations for a meaningful life. Don't be confused by the pictures you see on the evening news --- come and find out for yourself who the Palestinian people really are!

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Journeys on the Horizon

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Oberammergau Opportunity

Have you always heard about the Passion Play in Germany and wondered what it would be like to attend? Did you realize that it is the oldest drama performance in the world and that it is performed every ten years? People from everywhere will be attending this electrifying production, so why not you? ACTS has several different itineraries operating in the summer of 2000 and we still have space for you, although space will be totally sold in the next few months. Choose from one of the following dates and itineraries and register now!

All of the itineraries include overnight in the quaint village of Oberammergau where you can live amongst the villagers who dedicate so much of their lives to fulfilling the promise made by their ancestors more than 365 years ago. Call our office for a full color brochure.

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Have You Given Any Thought To.....

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The Golden Rules

Golden Rule #1: Put the Customer First

A recent three year study by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) in Washington, DC showed that small businesses which put heavy emphasis on customer service were more likely to survive and succeed than competitors who emphasized such advantages as lower prices.

Personal Care sets ACTS apart from other travel companies

Golden Rule # 2: Stay Close To Your Customer

The Best business owners are not only committed to staying close to their clientele, but also identify with them. They give their customers the level of service they themselves would expect to receive.

Escorted Service sets ACTS apart from other travel companies

Golden Rule # 3: Pay Attention To The Details

Group Leaders do not want to be embarrassed by inferior hotels, herding of their passengers or...

Honesty, Integrity and Trust set ACTS apart from other travel companies

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From the Mailbox

Comments from recent Holy Land Travelers include:

"I would not take a million dollars for the time in Jordan! Coming into the holy land through Jordan just makes the problems of the area and the economic hardships a reality before entering the land of "milk & honey." Surely I am not the only American who has been ignorant of the situation of the peoples other than the Jewish community in this area of the world. Thank you for showing me a clear picture of the situation in the Middle East through the travel in Jordan."

"The impact of making this pilgrimage will remain with me throughout my lifetime. So many things we saw and did affected me personally and hold deep meaning in my heart. I kept thinking how remarkable at times that we walked the very same ground that Jesus walked and about he added meaning now in our Scripture readings. I think I probably began my journey looking for actual places where certain events happened. However, very shortly afterward, I was so caught up in the awe of being there, that the experience itself was much more valuable. This is not a geographic journey; it is a spiritual one. We came away with a change of heart and a deepened faith to sustain us through the rest of life's journey. I will never forget Moses' view of the Promised Land, crossing the Sea of Galilee, Beatitude Mountain, the ceremony at Cana, the Stations of The Cross on the Via Dolorosa, the Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of All Nations. There were many other vistas, but these were my favorites."

"I am writing to thank you once again for everything you did to make our tour of the Holy Land such a wonderful and memorable experience. Your meticulous planning and attention to detail offered a packed agenda with a wide variety of opportunities to visit momentous Christian places while making this journey as effortless as possible for our group. You made certain that everyone's needs were taken care of and we were happy campers. The choice of accommodations, meals, tour guides, transportation, photographers and everything else behind-the-scenes were all first-rate."

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